Areas of Competition

Florida Galaxy Pageants is comprised of 5 areas of competition: Interview, Swimsuit, Fashion Wear, Evening Gown, and Photogenic

Photogenic 15%

Florida Galaxy Pageant® titleholder s will appear in print advertising throughout their year’s reign. As representatives of our pageant system winners must pose photographic appeal, and the ability to project an image, in print, that is consistent with beauty and elegance. Our titleholders define our system. Photography is the medium through which the public most often is introduced to any pageant system (e.g., in the newspaper, magazines ads /articles, television news clips, etc. Therefore, it makes sense to include a photogenic portion in the pageant scoring. Photos may be with or without your crown. It can be a headshot, full-length, or 3⁄4 length. Your photo MUST look like you, and should not be overly retouched.

Interview 25%

Florida Galaxy Pageants® titleholders must be able to express themselves, and project a pleasant personality at all times. Delegates should wear a dress, cocktail suit, or pant suit for the interview.

Swimwear 20%

Florida Galaxy Pageants® truly believe in body confidence, no matter your size. However, titleholder s should have a good body proportion and choose a suit that flatter s your shape and figure. The swimsuit may have cut-outs, mesh, and or embellishments.

Swimsuits will be provided by sponsor. 

Fashion Wear 20%

Florida Galaxy Pageants® titleholders must be able to project their own sense of personal style. This segment is very much like a runway fashion show. NO FULL-LENGTH EVENING GOWNS OR COSTUMES!

Evening Gown 20%

Florida Galaxy Pageants® titleholders must be t be able to carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance. Teens are permitted to wear sophisticated gowns.

Appearances and Bonus Points

Delegates can add up to 10 bonus points to their overall score. You must first make 5 appearances before bonus points go into effect. After 5 appearances, a point will be given to the delegate when an appearance is made with supporting pictures. Delegates must have their sash on in the photo to be accepted as an appearance (crown is optional, but highly recommended!). The Director has the right to refuse any appearance. Some examples of valid appearances are: visiting a Children’ s Hospital, attending an event, charity walks, judging a pageant, mc hosting as a Galaxy Queen, guest speaker, etc. Every appearance must be documented with photos. Please note that going out to dinner with friends and wearing your sash is not a valid appearance. Going to a festival and taking a photo at the festival is not an appearance.